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In her trainings Silvia B. Pitz offers two core areas: Leadership development and presentation training.

Within these areas, different topics and formats are feasible. From half-day workshops to modular 3-day trainings with one-on-one coaching for participants between sessions, numerous variations are possible.

Detailed and individual coordination of the contents and the time frame in the run-up to each training measure guarantee that your expectations as a client are understood and implemented in your interest.

Below you can see some examples of content in training measures

Video2brain – Online Training

Pleasure in the presentation videotobrain1

Topic and content of the presentation
Every speech a chance
Your pronunciation
“Ms. Pitz is an excellent trainer with outstanding pedagogical, practical and theoretical knowledge, which she uses creatively at all times. She enriches the educational process of our company in a remarkable way.”

Thomas Kreuzwieser
Head of Events & Clinics, Straumann GmbH

“Ms. Pitz was a real enrichment in the supporting program of our BVZL Life Insurance Secondary Market Summit 2011, the industry meeting for international secondary markets for life insurance! In her English presentation on presentation techniques, Ms. Pitz impressively and entertainingly taught us some do’s and don’ts, which many of our speakers of course immediately wanted to consider in their own presentations. Ms. Pitz’s “Performance Check” is a really effective way for speakers to get professional feedback right after their presentation. Valuable optimization ideas and suggestions are always included and help to master future presentations confidently and even more successfully…..”

Christian Seidl
Board of Directors International, BVZL e.V.

“Dear Ms. Pitz, All my co-workers and “my boss” were really excited about yesterday. It was really fun for everyone and they are all eager to apply things. Best regards and see you soon”.

Jürgen Krieg, MD

“I would like to thank you very much! This was the best presentation seminar I have ever attended.”

Barbara Hochstrasser, MD
Senior Physician Private Clinic Meiringen, Switzerland

“Very coherent workshop built on each other, congratulations for the good concept!”

Bärbel Löhnert
Managing Director KPB, Dachau

“Dear Ms. Pitz, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for the many suggestions that I was able to get from your course and also give me the basis for further improvement in this area. The course was very intense and great, tightly organized . Thank you again for your exceptional dedication.”

Dr. Peter Schneider
Oral Surgery Practice

“The woman is a truer professional speaker and has a great, educated language. Good, personable performance and perfect delivery of valuable tips that will definitely make my next presentation better. Thank you! “

Benno Stucki on the video2brain training “Joy of Presentation