Business Presentation

In a professional enviroment you have to present yourself, your products or services in a way that your contact partners are convinced and inspired.

No matther whether you are dealing with a regular customer who you are presenting the new product or a new customer, whose trust you intent to win, or whether you want to get your colleagues and the management in a meeting thrilled about your marketing idea.

You must reacht them to be successful. Your message must be understood, touch and move.

  • Communicate professional and complex information in a pictorial and clever way
  • Select a target group specific approach and adequate media
  • Inspire and win customers by the 5 keys of presentation


You are versed and more confident in your business presentation. Your motivation to present yourself and your company increases – therefore, you will reach a noticeable presence and positioning in the market.

„…das Feedback von Frau Pitz war sehr hilfreich. Obwohl ich schon zahlreiche Vorträge gehalten habe, gibt es immer noch Details, die verbessert werden können. Hierzu hat Frau Pitz mir im „Performance-Check“ effektive und sofort umsetzbare Hinweise gegeben.“

Dr. Jochen Ruß
Institut für Finanz- und Aktuarwissenschaften

„Ich bin beeindruckt von der Qualität der Coaches: Silvia und Thor haben wirklich hervorragende Arbeit geleistet. Anstatt mit „Null-Acht-Fünfzehn“ Tipps abserviert zu werden, haben wir individuell zugeschnittene, zeitintensive Rückmeldungen erhalten.“

Sanaz Jalayer
Cosmopolitan Business Academy