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Public presentations

Public appearance offers an excellent opportunity to make your company known to a wide audience, to strengthen your brand and to present it in a positive light. In some cases, however, it is also necessary to prevent negative effects of bad publicity or even turn them into their opposite.

Crucial to this is knowing how media “work” and what dangers may be lurking that can cause significant damage to your name and your business. In addition to the 5 keys of presentation, a number of other skills are part of the perfect public appearance.

Public Presentations: Presenting your company confidently and charismatically

  • Communicate figures, data and facts authentically and credibly
  • Withstand critical and critical situations and master them confidently
  • Communicate messages in a way that touches and inspires the audience

They are equipped for public appearances and are able to answer questions confidently. Your charisma appears confident and credible. You will achieve the desired effect in public and will be recognized and appreciated both internally and externally as a professional company spokesperson.


“I’m impressed with the quality of the coaches: Silvia and Thor really did an excellent job. Instead of being dumped with “zero-eight-fifteen” tips, we received individually tailored, time-intensive feedback.”

Sanaz Jalayer
Cosmopolitan Business Academy

“…the feedback from Ms. Pitz was very helpful. Although I have already given numerous presentations, there are still details that can be improved. To this end, Ms. Pitz gave me effective and immediately implementable tips in the “Performance Check”.”

Dr. Jochen Russ
Institute of Finance and Actuarial Science