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Public Presentation

The performance in public provides you with an excellent chance to make your company known to a broad public.

In some cases it is necessary to prevent negative effects of a bad publicity or even turn them into the opposite. It is decisive to know how media “functions” and which dangers could be lingering which might cause considerable damage to your name or your company.

Besides the 5 keys of presentation there are quite a few other skills which are vital for a perfect appearence in public to strengthen your brand and to present it positively.

Public presentations: Present your company in a versed and charismatic way.

  • Communicate figures, data and facts in an authentic and credible way
  • Bear up critical situations and master them in a poised manner
  • Communicate messages so that the listeners are touched and inspired


You are well-equipped for public appearances and face up for debate confidently. Your aura seems confident and credible. You achieve the wanted impact in public and are acknowledged and appreciated internally as well as externally as a professional company spokesman/woman.

„…das Feedback von Frau Pitz war sehr hilfreich. Obwohl ich schon zahlreiche Vorträge gehalten habe, gibt es immer noch Details, die verbessert werden können. Hierzu hat Frau Pitz mir im „Performance-Check“ effektive und sofort umsetzbare Hinweise gegeben.“

Dr. Jochen Ruß
Institut für Finanz- und Aktuarwissenschaften

„Ich bin beeindruckt von der Qualität der Coaches: Silvia und Thor haben wirklich hervorragende Arbeit geleistet. Anstatt mit „Null-Acht-Fünfzehn“ Tipps abserviert zu werden, haben wir individuell zugeschnittene, zeitintensive Rückmeldungen erhalten.“

Sanaz Jalayer
Cosmopolitan Business Academy

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