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All my female co-workers were really excited about yesterday. It was really fun for everyone and they are all eager to apply things.

Jürgen Krieg, MD

MVZ Gynecological Center Amberg_Sulzbach GmbH

For many years, Ms. Silvia B. Pitz has been leading workshops on “Rhetoric and Presentation” as a trainer within the framework of our mentoring program. She succeeds in combining relevant theoretical inputs in a balanced way with practical exercises as well as lively exchange. Especially the video analysis helps the participants enormously to improve their presentation style. The feedback from the participants is extremely positive. Ms. Pitz is very dedicated, professional and reliable.

Dr. Stefanie Hülsenbeck

University of Mainz

“Our cooperation was characterized by openness, high professionalism and trust.”

M. Kremer
Market Director Mittelbrandenburgische Sparkasse Potsdam

“The employee interview exercise showed very well which mistakes should be avoided and how to get the interviewer on your side.”

D. Gößmann
Executive Koenig and Bauer

“The woman is a true professional speaker and has a great, educated language. Good, personable performance and perfect delivery of valuable tips that will definitely make my next presentation better. Thank you! “
Benno Stucki on the video2brain training “Joy of giving a presentation

“For your great commitment in your seminars and trainings, a heartfelt thank you on behalf of the entire Deka training team.”

Deka Bank

“Mrs. Silvia B. Pitz was able to make a significant contribution to the successful running of this important company conference in Munich with her professional and charming moderation of the foundation engineering conference jointly organized by PORR Bau GmbH, Vienna and Stump Spezialtiefbau GmbH, Berlin. Cooperation, professional preparation and execution of the moderation by Ms. Pitz were impeccable and leave good prospects for further cooperation at future corporate events.”

Jochen Kraft
Stump Spezialtiefbau GmbH

“The positive development of each individual is clearly visible. The exclusively positive feedback from all participants shows that the necessary confidence is also present.”

Wolfgang Pertl

Managing Director, Media Markt Vienna

“I can’t get her whole manner and conversations out of my head. You have absolutely impressed me. I count myself among your fans.
You have the gift to take people with you, to assess them correctly, and also to influence them positively. And you remain very genuine and authentic in the process.”

U. Meurer
Executive Media Markt

“II would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for the many suggestions that I was able to get from your course and also give me the basis for further improvement in this area. The course was very intense and great, tightly organized . Thank you again for your exceptional commitment.

Dr. Peter Schneider
Oral surgery practice

“Let me begin by saying that it was a true pleasure working with you. You are a rare combination of talents, confident presenter, subject-matter expert, and empathetic to your audience’s needs, coupled with a professional businesswoman, focused on doing what you love, and strong enough to chase after it without compromise…”

John Asbill
Training Manager Monster Cable, USA

“…the feedback of a professional coach directly after the lecture is efficient and helpful, Ms. Pitz has clearly and comprehensibly (through the video recording) brought the most important optimization ideas to the point…”

Ingo Wichelhaus

“I’m impressed with the quality of the coaches: Silvia and Thor really did an excellent job. Instead of being dumped with “zero-eight-fifteen” tips, we received individually tailored, time-intensive feedback.”

Sanaz Jalayer
Cosmopolitan Business Academy

“…the feedback from Ms. Pitz was very helpful. Although I have already given numerous presentations, there are still details that can be improved. To this end, Ms. Pitz gave me effective and immediately implementable tips in the “Performance Check”.”

Dr. Jochen Russ
Institute of Finance and Actuarial Science

“Ms. Pitz is an excellent trainer with outstanding pedagogical, practical and theoretical knowledge, which she uses creatively at all times. She enriches the educational process of our company in a remarkable way.”

Thomas Kreuzwieser
Head of Events & Clinics, Straumann GmbH

“I would like to thank you very much! This was the best presentation seminar I have ever attended.”

Barbara Hochstrasser, MD
Senior Physician Private Clinic Meiringen, Switzerland

“Ms. Pitz was a real enrichment in the supporting program of our BVZL Life Insurance Secondary Market Summit 2011, the industry meeting for international secondary markets for life insurance! In her English presentation on presentation techniques, Ms. Pitz impressively and entertainingly taught us some do’s and don’ts, which many of our speakers of course immediately wanted to consider in their own presentations. Ms. Pitz’s “Performance Check” is a really effective way for speakers to get professional feedback right after their presentation. Valuable optimization ideas and suggestions are always included and help to master future presentations confidently and even more successfully…..”

Christian Seidl
Board of Directors International, BVZL e.V.

“Very coherent workshop built on each other, congratulations for the good concept!”

Bärbel Löhnert
Managing Director KPB, Dachau

“Dear Mrs. Pitz, thank you again for the great lecture in Bonn!”

Heinz Kölble and the ev3 team

“…Your lively presentation was met with great interest by the audience – we could have listened to you for much longer!”

Ulrike Buchweiz
EUMA Regional Manager Hamburg

“Thank you very much for participating in our university with a short teaching assignment as part of my event. They played a part in the block seminar with the topic “Learning and understanding one’s own and other people’s communication behavior” and showed our business administration students in the bachelor’s degree program what is important in communication. The students have given extremely positive feedback from your part.
I also liked the explanations and examples very much.
I hope we can continue our collaboration at Munich University of Applied Sciences.”

Prof. Dr. Franz-Josef Busse
University of Applied Sciences Munich