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Having gained nearly 25 years of experience as a coach, trainer and psycho therapist I have got to know many different methods, approaches as well as ways of working. The most effective and sustainable one for me personally is the systemic coaching following the guidelines of the St. Gallen model.

By means of this acknowledged scientifically recognized method of coaching a structured and measurable as well as sustainable procedure is available. Not only the system of a topic is being considered in a limited period of time but a value-oriented approach is followed, too. Our individual values are significant, often not entirely conscious drivers, in all human ways of behavior. Only if the values are involved, a sensible development and solutions for the relevant topics or problem areas can be made possible in a sustainable way.

Systemic Coaching

The advantages of systemic coaching with the scientifically evaluated method of the St. Galler model:

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  • methodology and sustainability evaluated twice in scientific efficacy studies performed in 2011 and 2014 ( – rated “effective”
  • value-oriented – therefore
  • sustainable
  • clearly structured processes
  • marked out timeframe
  • predictable

Subject areas:

  • decision-making processes
  • enhancement of motivation, energy level, goal orientation
  • reduction of blockades
  • carreer planning, clarification of value and meaning
  • time management
  • health promotioin
  • burn out protection
  • crisis managment, personal issues in rebuilding phases
  • hierachy problems, issues with rank and power

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