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With almost 25 years of experience as a coach, trainer and psychotherapist, I have learned many methods, directions and ways of working. For me, the most effective and sustainable is systemic coaching according to the St. Gallen model.

This recognized scientifically validated method of coaching provides a structured and measurably sustainable procedure. In a clearly limited period of time, not only the system of a subject is considered, but also a value-oriented approach is followed.

Our individual values are essential, often not fully conscious, drivers in all human behaviors. Only with the inclusion of the values is a meaningful development and solution of the topic or problem area sustainably possible.

Systemic Coaching

The advantages of systemic coaching according to the validated St. Gallen model at a glance:

More about Systemic Coaching
  • Double scientifically validated according to the quality criteria: Objectivity, reliability and validity with excellent results(
  • Value-oriented – thereby
  • Sustainably effective
  • Clearly structured processes and
  • defined period
  • Well plannable

Topics in coaching can be:

  • Decision-making processes
  • Increase of motivation, energy level, goal orientation
  • Reduction of blockades
  • Career planning, clarification of values and meaning
  • Time management
  • Health Promotion
  • Overload protection
  • Crisis management, personal issues in phases of upheaval
  • Hierarchy problems, rank and power dynamics

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“I can’t get her whole manner and conversations out of my head. You have absolutely impressed me. I count myself among your fans.
You have the gift to take people with you, to assess them correctly, and also to influence them positively. And you remain very genuine and authentic in the process.”

U. Meurer
Executive Media Markt

“…the feedback of a professional coach directly after the lecture is efficient and helpful, Ms. Pitz has clearly and comprehensibly (through the video recording) brought the most important optimization ideas to the point…”

Ingo Wichelhaus